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Cutting Service

Whether you are looking for full service cut & sew, or you simply need a trusted cutting service for anywhere from one to twenty thousand pieces, Four Seasons Fashion is the landing spot for you. 


Commonly Asked Questions 


  • What kinds of fabrics do you provide cutting services for?

We have experience with a myriad of different fabrics: solid and patterned. Our team can work with: wool, linens, knits, silks, polyester, blended fabrics, chiffon, and much more. 

  • How do your cutting services minimize waste?

Because of our many years of experience, we are able to limit waste curing the cutting process. We pre-inspect all of the fabric as we arrange layers for cutting, in order to ensure that we don’t include any of the fabric’s imperfections. Imperfections in fabric are very common. By not including the imperfections the first time around, we reduce waste as compared to the typical cutting approach. The standard approach is skip the inspection and get to cutting which leads to excess waste.


  • How do your cutting services help designers increase profit?

 We are able to help designers increase profit because of our expertise. Working with Four Seasons Fashion Manufacturing means your team will have to deal with less re-cutting and less reworking. Other manufacturers may miss stains, pulls, and other imperfections, but our experts do not. 

  • What are your cutting service minimums?

Table minimums for low cost cut-only service is fifty pieces per style. Please call to inquire about cut & sew minimums for production.​

  • What is the cost of your cutting services?

The table charge for cutting is the same for 50-100 pieces and $1 per additional piece over 100. Contact us for a specific price quote for your job. 

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