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With over 40 operators, 10 pressers, 10 handwork stations, a 12-section cutting table, a block fuse machines, 2 keyhole/buttonhole machines, 2 cover stitch machines, and a plethora of other quality machines, Four Seasons offers quality production services right in the “Good Old U.S.A," offering you the opportunity to work with us without disrupting your circadian rhythm. You can even stop by to see your garment’s progress by hopping onto the subway, rather than a plane. 

Commonly Asked Questions 

  • What types of products do you manufacturer?

We can create:​ dresses, skirts, blouses, shirts, sweaters, jumpsuits, pants, jackets, outerwear, suits, and much more. 

  • What types of patterns can you make? 

We can create: solids, stripes, polka dots, pleats, beaded patterns, chevron, checkered patterns, floral patterns, herringbone, gingham, and more. ​

  • Is manufacturing overseas less expensive than manufacturing in the US?

Let us address the elephant in the room by disproving the thought that large scale manufacturing is more cost efficient overseas. It is not always. The reality is that overseas factories are not designed to produce quality items. Their focus is on quantity, which may lead to design errors and a lack of authenticity. If your brand or the vision for your brand is high-end then that business model just won’t work for you. 

  • What common challenges do designers face in overseas production?

Designers that produce their lines overseas have to deal with manufacturing delays, customs, and language barriers.


  • What kinds of designers manufacture in the U.S.?

Because of the challenges that come with overseas production, the biggest brands produce their most high-end garments locally. Emerging designers, who are getting starting with their lines, also use U.S. manufacturers as quantity is not always the focus. New designers also need to work with manufacturers that can help them through the process. 

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