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Sample Making

Sample making is one of the most trying times in pre-production.

Why? It’s not as easy as it sounds. 


Commonly Asked Questions 


  • Why is sample making a necessary step of pre-production? Can I skip sample making if I know what I want to make? 

A good sample will be the perfect blueprint for an amazing production. It is necessary if you are looking to create a collection and Four Season Fashion can assist designers every step of the way.

  • What is your sample turnaround time?

​Although it varies, we can turn around most samples in 2 days.

  • Although it varies, we can turn around most samples in 2 days as long as you provide us XYZ.

  • What is the benefit to producing my sample in the US vs. overseas?

Many first-time designers select overseas sample houses, but the results vary wildly from their expectations. The benefit of having a sample house located in the heart of the Garment District is that it reduces turnaround time due to shipping, it gives the designer more opportunities for pattern corrections, it allows to schedule fittings in a timelier fashion, and it creates the ability to ensure that production starts with a good foundation. 

  • What kind of experience do your sample makers have?

Four Seasons Fashion employs some of the finest sample makers with decades of experience working in the industry.

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